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Magik [WIP]

14 July, 2020

Work in progress of a Game Boy video game made with assembly language.

Pomodoro GYM

1 July, 2020

Developed with ES6 and React, this chrome extension helps you to take a break from work and do some workouts to stay fit and boost your productivity.


9 May, 2020

A  Progressive Web Application (yes, it’s playable offline too!) based on hangman classic game but with retro videogames and made with React.

StarFox [WIP]

20 March, 2019

Version of the SNES videogame StarFox made with a custom game engine on top of ThreeJS library. Use cursor keys to move, Z to brake amd X to accelerate.

Forest VR

12 January, 2017

A WebGL epxeriment made with ThreeJS, A-Frame and Blender. It can also work with Google’s Cardboard for a VR  inmersive experience.

Flood fill

18 April, 2016

A simple experiment to explain how flood fill algorithm works.


17 April, 2016

An HTML/JS Tetris clone made with checkboxes.


17 April, 2016

An HTML/JS Mine Sweeper clone made with checkboxes.