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Pomodoro GYM

1 July, 2020

Develop with ES6 and React, this chrome extension which helps you to take a break from work and do some workouts to stay fit and boost your productivity.


9 May, 2020

A  Progressive Web Application (yes, it’s playable offline too!) based on hangman classic game but with retro videogames and made with React.

StarFox (WIP)

20 March, 2019

Version of the SNES videogame StarFox made with a custom game engine on top of ThreeJS library. Use cursor keys to move, Z to brake amd X to accelerate.

Forest VR

12 January, 2017

A WebGL epxeriment made with ThreeJS, A-Frame and Blender. It can also work with Google’s Cardboard for a VR  inmersive experience.

Flood fill

18 April, 2016

A simple experiment to explain how flood fill algorithm works.


17 April, 2016

An HTML/JS Tetris clone made with checkboxes.


17 April, 2016

An HTML/JS Mine Sweeper clone made with checkboxes.